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IT/CE Research Reports


Worldwide Blu-Ray and DVD Burner Analysis - Smart Phones, Tablets and Ultra Books limit the growth potential for ODD. How does the Industry respond?

By Wolfgang Schlichting

December 2012


Blu-ray disc (BD) has grown nicely in the CE space, but BD-PC adoption has been lagging. Will BD break out of niche PC segments in 2013? What is the killer application for BD on PCs? This Wolf Research report analysis key trends for the BD and DVD markets and point out growth strategies.



Blu-Ray Adoption in the US -What does it take for BD to replace established and popular DVD technology?

 By Wolfgang Schlichting

October 2012


Blu-ray disc (BD) players have become popular products for US consumers, but in PC applications, BD adoption has been limited. What does it take for US PC users to value and demand BD on their PCs? This Wolf Research report analysis key trends and adoption issues specific to the US BD market.

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